Not So Alcoholic. Not So Anonymous

They tell me that everything’s gonna be all right


They say you can’t have everything. Unless of course what you want are dancing, cocktails and forgetting.

I remember the first time I ever went to a bar. It was in the late nineties and I was barely legal. Normally being short and baby-faced allowed me to get away with a lot of things – until I tried getting into a bar. Looking back, it didn’t help that I was wearing those big baggy cargo pants and a Looney-Tunes shirt. Good thing I had my ID and it showed that I was in college so they let me through. When I got in, it was like being transported into a different world – the smoke, the music, the ledge dancers. It was awesome. I think I drank a beer and got tipsy halfway through the bottle. Forgive me, I was young.


Through the years I have developed my taste both in bars and in drinks. If the crowd’s tacky, don’t expect me to stay more than five minutes. I mean, what’s the point of dancing with strangers if they’re, well, ugly strangers? LOL Don’t get me wrong. I do not go to bars for hook ups. Not deliberately, at least. I just like that feeling of forgetting that there’s a harsh world outside. Hey it works for me!


And the drinks. There are two kinds of people in this world – the beer people and the cocktail people. I am not a fan of beer. I’d drink it if I had no choice but if I did, it would be cocktails for me. Call it a sissy drink but you can never deny that it tastes so much better. Bridget Jones was right, when you’re down, you best friend could be vodka. And boy does it bring you (and maybe some parts of your anatomy) back up.


I am not an alcoholic. Some of my friends would beg to differ but I’m sticking to that. I am not. I’m just that guy in a bar holding a drink while shaking the goods.


The Diary Of A Neglected Boyfriend

Everyone has their way of coping with whatever it is they’re dealing with. I assume if you read a depressed guy’s journal, it would probably be something like this:


Dear diary,

I don’t want to do this but my therapist said it will help me channel my emotions in a healthy way. Please don’t judge me.



Dear diary,

I really wanna watch that movie but I don’t have anyone to watch it with. I’m in a relationship so that shouldn’t be a problem, right? WRONG.



Dear diary,

It’s a Saturday night. I really wanna go out but I don’t have a date. I’m in a relationship so that shouldn’t be a problem, right? WRONG.



Dear diary,

It’s been raining. Times like these, don’t you just wanna stay in bed with someone and cuddle? I’m in a relationship so that shouldn’t be a problem, right? WRONG.



Dear diary,

I’m so stressed I think I’d like to get out of the city for the weekend. You know, like a mini vacation just to get my mind off things. I’m in a relationship so that shouldn’t be a problem, right? WRONG.



Dear diary,

Talked to this guy whose in a long distance relationship. I honestly don’t know how they make it work because I for one, am a very visual person. I’m in a relationship so that shouldn’t be a problem, right? WRONG.



Dear diary,

Sorry for venting out on you. I know how hard it is to just stay mum while another person dumps all their emotional baggage at you. I’m just sad and I need someone to talk to. You know, someone who would just listen to me. I’m in a relationship so that shouldn’t be a problem, right? WRONG.



Dear diary,

They say that loving someone deeply is enough to give you years and years of happiness. I realized it’s like a plant you have to keep alive. You really need to work on it to keep it going. I realized too that time is the thing that I want, yet sadly the thing that I do not get. I’m in a relationship so that shouldn’t be a problem, right? WRONG.



The Vent

I’ve never been this stressed for years.

Been terribly busy with everything – my job, especially. It’s bad enough that I have a mountain of things to do but what adds to the stress are all the non-sense. The politics. There, I said it.

In all the years that I have been working I have always been pretty zen about how people perceive my job. And along with that, I developed ways of adapting into the dynamics of whichever company I am in. It’s inevitable, there will always be people who are into office politics – and I am not one of them. I don’t need that, I just do my job. For some people though, it seems like second nature to some. There really are people who actually take time to discredit other people. It’s bad enough that somebody say things behind another person’s back but what makes it worse is when they have no idea on, no basis for anything.

Sometime it’s because they want to get ahead, or they’re just jealous of what you have. Sometimes they don’t really have their reasons – it’s just second nature for them. But what’s more infuriating is when they pretend like they’re not doing it. Being all nice to you and once you turn your back, they fucking stab you.

Generally I’m not the kind who would like vent out into cyberspace, but I am sad and angry. I never did anything. Never said a word against anyone. I guess, it’s not true when they said you should treat people the way you would like to be treated.

Maybe I should go to the office and do as Pink did.


The Leap to Twenty Six Eleven

What a week.


I’ve never really seen myself as someone who would be responsible enough to actually own a property. And yet here I am, taking baby steps into getting one. Truth is, this wasn’t exactly something that took a long time to decide on although, quite a lot of thought has been put into it. Thanks to two of my friends, I have managed to see beyond the superficial and take that leap into adulthood.


What I did learn is that in choosing a condo, the brochures don’t really do it a lot of justice. According to my friends, always consider three things – location, amenities and unit sizes. True, cost should be a factor, but it’s those three things that you should add up to get a shortlist and then start working on the best payment schemes your doe eyes can get you. After going to five show rooms and meeting with a couple of agents, I finally settled for Avida Centera.


Location-wise, Centera is along EDSA and just a couple of hops away from the MRT and with a few more cartwheels, Shangri-La. It’s near Makati, too so getting to the office won’t be that hard even by public transport. Amenities, it’s going to have retail shops on the lower levels (hopefully including a supermarket). It has four pools, a jogging trail, a meditation garden, a clubhouse, a lounge at the roof deck and an outdoor gym. In terms of size, studio units are at close to 24SQM – not exactly the most spacious, yes, but it’s still bigger than most of the more affordable ones in the market.


With everything considered, the next hurdle are the payment terms. I guess the universe is really conspiring with me on this, as the agent that I talked to was really nice and accommodating. He was very easy to talk to and unlike most people in his line of work, he was not at all concerned about making a sale (well of course his is, but he did a really great job not making me feel he was). I literally made him go through flaming hoops just to get a great deal and in the end, he got his boss to say yes and gave me something so much better that what I have hoped for. And the cherry on top of the fantastic ice cream was he got me a unit on the 26th floor. What more could I ask for?


So I did what I needed to do, signed the papers and paid the initial fees. Then off I go. Although I would have to make a couple of sacrifices to curb my spending, and also wait for about four years to finally move in, I don’t really mind. Delayed gratification is a sign of emotional intelligence, right?


Another Open Letter for THAT Senator

Image googled and downloaded from this site.

Dear Mr. Sotto,

Pardon me for not addressing you as senator but after reading this, I believe you will see why.

Firstly, I am not politically inclined, as evidenced by the contents of my blog. I only talk about a limited number of national issues such as the great need for Charice to fire her stylist. However after seeing videos of your now infamous speech and reading even more things on the people’s reception of if, I cannot help but set aside my apathy and speak out.

You were accused of plagiarism. Your Chief of Staff brushes these off by saying they made the speech and “quoted” known books and people – and that we should not pin the blame on you.

Sir, many of us have been in your position. There are times when our staff bumbles around and makes mistakes. Once it’s out, I personally take the blame being the person in charge of that person’s output. I heard they call it “command responsibility”. And I’m just a Manager and my responsibilities are nowhere near those of an elected senator. I’m very sure you heard of it and are an advocate of these things, being a good leader and a public official. Now that leads me to wonder, could I be wrong? Either we have a senator who does not espouse command responsibility or is he someone who on paper advocates this but does not necessarily put it in practice?

Now let’s go to the speech. Ah yes, your staff says they “quoted” certain sources after research. Pardon me, Sir but just like you I too went to university and not one of my teachers would consider copying entire blocks of text as “research” – and I did not go to schools as prestigious as you may have. I think all of them would agree that research means going through blocks and blocks of texts, get the essence and write things the way you understood it. Plus for research results to be valid, especially for science and health related ones, it has to be the most updated, the most recent information. I doubt if information from 1949 count as recent, Sir. All the more reason for me to wonder, what did your teachers tell you about research? Is it possible that my teachers from the Philippine Normal University (which if I may add, produced thousands of teachers) be wrong? Did I go to the wrong school because they defined research as such? Either that or you did not listen to your teachers. How then, did u go through school. Please tell us your secret.

And since we’re on the subject, why “quote” all those texts? Perhaps you being a passionate speaker feel like using “quotes” generously in your speech encapsulates the essence of your advocacy. Please enlighten me Sir, do you not think that since you so passionately believe in your stand against the bill, that your own words would have been a better alternative? And you speak in behalf of the poor. Trust me Sir, I grew up in the slums of Manila – they hardly knew who Gandhi is. The words of Tito, Vic and Joey would probably mean more to them. So why quote all these people? Are your own words not enough? And if those are not, what business do you have speaking on somebody’s behalf when you yourself do not trust your own words just to get your message across?

Sir, you are a Senator. That position means that you are expected to be better than all of us in all aspects. And on that, you are failing. If people will not vote for you, it’s not because the RH supporters like me convinced them, it’s because you have shown the world how inadequate you are for the job.

By the way when I say failing on all aspects, I would include acting. That crying episode you had won’t exactly win you any award.

The Cheater In The Rain


The universe has an impeccable sense of humor. The countless people who go through your life either end up being just random humps on the road (pun intended), cautionary tales or sources of anecdotes you get a good laugh off when you’re drunk with your friends.

And then there’s that one person who, out of nowhere, comes into your world and turns everything upside down. Not that that’s a new thing to you but somehow it’s familiar yet different. Like a kind of drug that you know is so wrong for you yet you can’t keep your hands off it.

Maybe that’s it. Players are natural-born cheaters. And cheaters are natural-born players. It’s like an addiction that can’t simply be overcome by abstinence.

But it’s different. Started out fairly innocently and then you end up going down the familiar road. The road that you know very well would lead to that ultimate plunge. That wonderful,¬†exhilarating¬†drop where you let go of all reason and just fall.

And as that sparkly vampire said, “And so the lion fell in love with the lamb”, the person in question would say, “And so the sun lover fell in love with the rain and made his life even more fucking complicated”

Funny what a little rain can do.

The Unemployed Jejemon


sobrang saya ng gabe na too XD
mamimisx cu kayo
ingat kau plageh
out na poh acu
aga cu pa bukas ei

THAT, my dear friends is a glaring example of how deteriorated students’ communication skills have become. Credit goes to the girl (who shall remain anonymous lest the grammar police starts hunting her down) who authored those lines.

March has always been the month of graduations in the Philippines and traditionally, most graduates venture out into the next steps in their lives full of hopes and dreams. High school kids become college freshmen while college graduates start job hunting – both hoping that they land a good job who will pay them lots and lots of moolah.


Being the head of Human Resources, I have the lovely pleasure of meeting throngs of people hoping to get a job. And it pains me to see how year after year, the quality of graduates get poorer and poorer. Even from the most basic things like conversing and writing down answers to the most simple questions, they fail.

Me: “How would you like me to call you?” Applicant: “Cellphone, Sir” Me: *sigh*
Me: “Why did you take up Management?” Applicant: “Because I want to manage, Sir” Me: *sigh*
Me: “When you worked at McDonald’s, what was the most challenging experience you had?” Applicant: (Pauses to think) “Uhm, Sir when I was at the counter and the customer, he fucked me” Me: *faints*

For the record, all of those stories are true, including the last one. Turns out, she was at the counter and a furious customer told her “fuck you!”

You see, this may seem funny to some people but the sad reality is that so many people have very poor communication skills. They could hardly converse their thoughts and can’t even compose a decent, grammatically correct sentence. They can’t even get the forms right, for God’s sake!

Who referred you to our company? – Guard (turns out she walked in and asked the guard)
Color of Eyes: – Black and white (yes, somebody actually answered that)

I do not believe that there is a shortage of jobs in this country. There are plenty of jobs. It’s just that many of the people who apply for the jobs are really substandard. I often wonder how someone could have earned a college diploma and yet be totally inadequate. Here are my theories:

1. Everyone lowers their standards. If a student fails, the teacher makes him “pasang awa”. Kasi kawawa naman sya. Kasi mahirap lang yan and walang pera ang magulang. This kind of mentality is NOT HELPING THE STUDENT. People fail because they fail. People fail because they didn’t learn anything. If a person doesn’t learn anything, he has no business moving up. The tolerance for mediocrity teaches kids that they need not even attempt to achieve things because somewhere out there, somebody will take pity on them. This kind of mentality pushes them deeper and deeper into the bad situation they’re already in

2. People in the academe have minimal or zero corporate experience. The teachers themselves have no friggin idea on the demands of today’s businesses. Sure they’re trained on “the latest teaching methodologies” and “up to date concepts on their subject matter”, but do they even know how their subjects are applied in the real world? Take algebra for instance. Every single student hates it with a vengeance and their common sentiment is, “what use will this be when I get a job”. If there’s a teacher who gave anyone a concrete, sensible answer to this, let me know. Also, while we’re in the subject, look at the examples given during lessons: “Guy in boat is going down the river in x km/hr. If the river is y kilometers long, how long will it take to reach the end of he river.” FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, WHY WOULD YOU EXPECT YOUR STUDENTS TO KNOW HOW LONG IT WOULD TAKE WHEN NO ONE IN YOU CLASS IS LIKELY TO MEET A GUY WHO ROWS A BOAT DOWN THE RIVER?!? GET BACK TO REALITY WOMAN!

3. Technology has made things worse. With the advent of mobile communications and social networking sites, it has become common to at least have a facebook account. Nowadays, Facebook is where trends are born. And the horror of horrors is that if it’s in facebook, people assume it’s the in thing, therefore it’s cool. Take that girl who I quoted. She spells that way because all of her friends write that way. And since all of her friends are in facebook, people who see them talking this way would assume that this is the norm and therefore follow suit. And then, even their parents and teachers who are also in facebook see it and, well they simply don’t care enough to tell these poor, misguided souls that what they’re doing is actually diminishing them. We can’t blame the kids, what do they know? See the cycle?

So there you have it, dear graduates. It’s a painful and seemingly hopeless situation. Unless by some miracle, somebody who reads this gets a lightbulb moment and decides to do something, then we’re totally screwed.

Good jobs go to people who are qualified. Call me heartless but as far as I’m concerned, your diploma means nothing to me, especially if you can’t even tell me how you want me to call you.